flogo About Dave – Undisputed Productions

David Oblas was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Roswell, Georgia. He graduated from Auburn University with a B.A. in Journalism with a minor in Business. Prior to becoming a promoter, David worked full-time for a Buckhead newspaper while moonlighting as a server on nights and weekends.

A huge fan of martial arts, David began his career in the sport fighting industry as an inspector for the Georgia Athletic & Entertainment Commission (GAEC) under GAEC Director Tom Mishou. After attending every fight in Georgia for over a year, David decided to spread his wings and fly on his own. He envisioned better matches, better venues, and a better fan experience. Que the creation of the NFC on June 28th, 2002. The first ever NFC fight at the Roxy in Buckhead sold out, making David the youngest fight promoter in the history of Georgia.

David enjoys long walks on the beach, racquetball, and hanging out with his italian greyhound, Dash (pictured on the right). When he’s not running the NFC, the current Georgia Racquetball Champion also enjoys running. Since 2012 he has completed 4 half marathons and he plans to complete his first (and last) full marathon in 2016. David is also part owner of Georgia Fighters and has served on the charity board for the X3 Sports Foundation. He and Dash currently reside in Dunwoody, Georgia.