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About the NFC

The National Fighting Championship (NFC) was formed in 2002 by David Oblas.

Since 2002, David and the NFC have promoted more than 100 professional fight nights in Atlanta, more than any other fight promoter in the Southeast. Nearly every event has been a sellout whether they have been held at the Roxy, Earthlink Live, Center Stage, Electric Cowboy, the Tabernacle or Wild Bill’s.


The NFC has established itself as a top fight promotions company in the Southeast for several reasons. The cards are always filled with the best talent and the most evenly matched fights. The events have been covered by more media than any other fight promotions company and the NFC is the only local fight promotions company to bring national television to Atlanta when in July of 2004 ESPN2 broadcasted live from the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. The NFC repeated that several times in 2015 and 2016 by combining with Legacy Fight Promotions for several live fight nights on AXS TV. These events took place in March 2015, October 2015, April 2016 and will occur again in November 2016.

No other fight promoter in the Southeast has sent as many fighters to larger leagues such as the UFC and Bellator as the NFC has. No other fight promoter has hosted several live fight nights on AXS TV. No other fight promoter has been named the Georgia Fighters Promoter of the Year for the past seven years.  
Faces in the crowd at NFC fight nights have often included Evander Holyfield, Dana White, Matt Serra, John Rocker, Vernon Forrest, Emmanuel Lewis, Forrest Griffin, Takeo Spikes, Hines Ward, Cuba Gooding Jr, Wanderlei Silva, Nick and Nate Diaz, Otis Nixon and many more.